Saturday, November 10, 2012



DREADGER - formerly known as the HEADHUNTER, son of a tribal lord exiled from his village by his own father. with exile came a lust for power...  it was this lust that lead him to be deceived by a djinn in disguise, to take on a quest in search a of great relic of power known only as the "OBJECT"
it was his all consuming greed that prevented him for sensing the danger that lie within the "OJECT"s chest. it was that greed that cursed him as the green smoke poured from the box up and into his nose, mouth and ears, wrapping inside around his eyes and outside around his head as he screamed in ungodly pain and torment, his head encased in a skull  slowly squeezing ever tighter on his true face until to crushes his real skull. bound by the golden armor that dons his chest with no know means to remove it besides death.

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