Wednesday, January 1, 2014


2014 collaboration with goodleg toys  brings forth a new age of terror in the streets. 

A war is brewing in Bad City and turf is all that matters.

in the year 1994 a nuclear war was launched resulting in atomic solar flares that wiped out 84% of the worlds population...and changed those that remained. gangs begin to take control in the devastation. the year 2000, Gangs have taken over nearly all territories, ravaging the lands until nothing remains. its is the year 2014... 20 years since the 'END WAR' and the world has once again be bombarded wit solar flares... awakening strange powerful mutations in people all over the world. welcome to BAD-CITY...where a new war is brewing....a turf war for the worlds last city. it is up to AXLE "renegade" TRASH with soul serpent powers and his gang THE DENIM VENOMS who stand as mankinds last hope against rival gangs; GRAND PANTHER'S GHETTO GESTAPO, RIPTIDE HYDE'S SURFPUNK RIFTS, REX TURBINE'S STREET MACHINES, SINISTER MINISTER'S BLACK CHURCH, AS WELL AS THE GANGS; FIGHT RIDERS, BLACKBELT FISTS, and HOMETOWN HOMERS all vying for the power of being GANG KAISER.

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